CJR Renewables is a major player in the renewable energy sector, managing an extensive portfolio of high-value projects worldwide. It operates in multiple countries across four continents. It manages construction and renewables projects and it is a leader in its field.


Managing a multitude of renewable solar and wind installations and farms across the globe is a complex task. Detailed project management is crucial for cost control and achieving profitability. The challenge was to access and analyze vast amounts of data stored within the system at a granular level, providing the necessary control for project management. This was further complicated by the need to monitor multiple versions of project plans from the initial draft to the current operational version on a weekly basis. CJR Group required a solution that allowed them to manage this information independently without relying on IT department intervention.


CJR Group opted for ALLOS to streamline their project management and cost control processes in the renewable energy sector. ALLOS provided the following key features:

  1. Granular Cost Control: ALLOS enabled CJR Group to access detailed cost information necessary for managing renewable energy projects.
  2. Version Management: ALLOS facilitated the management of multiple project plan versions, from initial drafts to current operational versions, with all costs included. This ensured that CJR Group had real-time insights into their projects’ financial aspects.
  3. User-Driven Management: With ALLOS, the customer could fully manage the information, eliminating the need for IT department involvement in creating reports.
  4. Business Independence: ALLOS empowered CJR Group to create their own analyses, interpret data, and respond to new data analysis requirements in a highly dynamic environment.


The implementation of ALLOS delivered significant improvements for CJR Group in their renewable energy project management:

  1. Enhanced Cost Control: ALLOS enabled detailed cost control for renewable energy projects, ensuring that profitability goals were met.
  2. Real-time Version Management: CJR Group could efficiently manage multiple project plan versions, allowing for immediate adjustments based on changing requirements.
  3. User Empowerment: ALLOS allowed the business to independently handle data and create reports, reducing reliance on the IT department.
  4. Flexibility and Adaptability: In a dynamic industry, ALLOS empowered CJR Group to meet evolving data analysis needs swiftly and efficiently.

Conclusion: ALLOS was instrumental in optimizing project management for CJR Group in the renewable energy sector. The ability to manage project details and control costs at a granular level, monitor multiple project plan versions, and independently create analyses allowed CJR Group to operate more efficiently and respond to changing industry dynamics. ALLOS significantly contributed to their ability to maintain profitability in a highly competitive sector.

Carlos Gomes
Controlo de Gestão AQUAPOR

“ALLOS provides us with tremendous FLEXIBILITY. It also allows us to create management reports in much less time and makes reports and analyses feasible that, otherwise, wouldn’t be due to the required development time.”

Isabel do Carmo
Chefe de Contabilidade AQUAPOR

“ALLOS is addictive. Whenever a new need arises, we ask if we can use ALLOS for it. With ALLOS, we know it’s going to be much faster.”

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