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Freedom to manage your data

Freedom to manage your data without technical knowledge

ALLOS is tailor-made for those who require efficient report creation, seek data independence, want to use Microsoft Office as their system’s front end, and rely on Excel for the flexibility to analyse data.

 If you frequently export data to Excel for in-depth analysis, experience delays in obtaining data from your IT department, struggle with data integration from various sources, or find your ERP tasks time-consuming, then you may need ALLOS.

ALLOS seamlessly connects Excel to your data, eliminating the need for data exports. It transforms your Excel reports into corporate-quality reports, allows effortless data export to your ERP, and employs innovative technology to make everything faster and easier.

ALLOS may not be suitable for those who don’t require autonomy or flexibility, aren’t concerned about data security in Excel, and never find themselves needing to analyse data freely within Excel.

Empower Yourself as a Controller with ALLOS, transforming you into the master creator of up-to-date corporate reports. No longer constrained by IT, you can fully utilize your Excel skills to construct reports enriched with intricate data analysis, compelling visualizations, desired graphics, and precise formats, all shareable with anyone in the company. ALLOS puts you in control of your reporting, unlocking a new level of independence and efficiency.

Unlock your Full Potential as a Data Scientist with ALLOS, granting you the capability to conduct in-depth data analysis from diverse sources, incorporating multiple variables and simulations, and rapidly constructing robust reporting models for your business needs. ALLOS liberates you from the tedious tasks of formatting reports and making minor adjustments, freeing up valuable time that can be invested in proactively enhancing the company’s data model, aligning with your primary goal of being a data model improvement catalyst rather than just a report builder.

Elevate Your IT Department’s Efficiency with ALLOS, liberating funds for vital investments in a dynamically changing world. Bid farewell to the drain on time and resources spent on low value-added tasks like report support and minor adjustments, transferring these responsibilities to business users. In addition, ALLOS helps mitigate the considerable risks associated with Excel, fortifying data security and accuracy, ensuring a more robust data environment for your company.


Os seus colaboradores a terem capacidade de efectuar os relatórios que precisa e terá que recorrer menos a recursos de TI, atualmente muito dispendiosos e frequentemente de má qualidade.

“Empower Your Entire Company with ALLOS, enabling swift responses to evolving data analysis requirements, all without incurring exorbitant costs or relying on external parties, as the company gains autonomy. Your team can readily generate the necessary reports, reducing the reliance on costly and frequently subpar IT resources, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and self-sufficiency.

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Flexibility:  Unleash your data's full potential by placing it where you want, formatting it to your exact specifications, and equipping it with the calculations you need. Allos empowers you to construct dynamic reports using Excel, providing you with the freedom to design data exactly the way you envision it. See video


In a self-service-driven market, Allos takes autonomy and user-friendliness to new heights. Say goodbye to your reliance on IT teams and consultants. With Allos, you're in control, no longer bound by external assistance, and free to explore and analyze your data at your own pace.See video


Protect your data from inconsistency and obsolescence. Allos eliminates the risks associated with Excel usage, ensuring data integrity. You can now regulate data access, keeping it secure and controlled. Your data's safety is in your hands.See video.



Time saved with ALLOS

Period end procedures
End of Period reports
Management reports
Daily reports
Waiting time for changes
Reports and forms

Full integration with your systems


Empower Your Business with Custom Reports: Harness the Flexibility of Excel and the Reliability of Your Enterprise Systems.

Forms and upload of data

Create Validated Data, Work with Excel Forms, and Seamlessly Utilize Data in Your Reports. Update Data in Your ERP and Seamlessly Integrate with Email, PDF, or Word


O Allos permite manter toda a flexibilidade do Excel, porque alia de forma inovadora tudo o que adoramos no Excel, à consistência de dados de sistema, atuais e validados. Somos diferentes de qualquer outro sistema porque temos uma performance impar e uma liberdade de criar fórmulas/indicadores específicos para a empresa, que lhe permitem colocar os dados que quiser, de onde quiser, no local que quiser, formatados como quer, com os cálculos que quiser, como nenhum outro.


Com o Allos, os utilizadores tornam-se, de facto, independentes das equipas de IT e dos fornecedores de software ERP e BI, para as alterações diárias aos seus relatórios e métodos de análise de informação. O ALLOS existe para proporcionar liberdade aos utilizadores de negócio para efetuarem relatórios e análises sem estarem dependentes dos sistemas de informação. Num mercado em busca de self service, o ALLOS leva a flexibilidade a outro patamar mantendo toda a consistência dos dados dos sistemas originais.


Com o Allos, a informação não está no Excel, apenas é trabalhada no Excel. Não há necessidade de exportar e a segurança e consistência dos dados mantém-se como em qualquer ERP. O ALLOS aumenta exponencialmente a capacidade de utilização dos dados já organizados no seu Sistema de Business Intelligence, disponibilizando os dados no Excel e Word, de forma a que sejam facilmente utilizados por todos.


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