Como funciona o Allos?

ALLOS, a groundbreaking technology, empowers individuals to work independently with data. Unlike conventional Business Intelligence tools, which are essentially glorified Pivot tables with mobile-friendly views, ALLOS excels in granting users unparalleled control over every piece of information. While Pivot tables read data from one or more tables and organize it into predefined reports, ALLOS enables users to place each piece of information precisely where they desire, with each Excel cell establishing a direct connection to the database. Considering a typical manager’s spreadsheet contains thousands of cells, performance is of paramount importance.

This technical differentiator is the cornerstone of ALLOS, allowing it to effortlessly execute thousands of database calls in a matter of seconds, a feat unmatched by any other system. While some formula-based systems exist, they grapple with serious technical issues. ALLOS overcomes these challenges by organizing data within a non-SQL database, structured uniquely from existing market solutions and stored within a file system to circumvent additional licensing or extensive infrastructure requirements. Data can seamlessly be sourced from internal systems like SAP, Oracle, or any SQL-based system, as well as web services or file repositories.

Lastly, ALLOS’ simplicity in implementation and installation paves the way for successful projects, eliminating the need for unfinished endeavors with limited results.

How does ALLOS work?
Unrivalled Performance

ALLOS excels in delivering unparalleled performance, efficiently retrieving data from the database for each cell in your spreadsheet, which is the foundation of its flexibility. This achievement is made possible through a distinctive data organization method and innovative memory management, ensuring optimal functionality

Seamless Data Integration

ALLOS seamlessly integrates both external and internal data from a wide range of sources, including SQL, Oracle, and SAP databases. Furthermore, it can access data from internal and external web services, and is proficient in processing data in various formats, such as txt, tab, csv, xml, or spreadsheets, whether sourced from suppliers or in-house.

Simplicity as a Priority

ALLOS is intentionally designed with a focus on simplicity – it's easy to implement, straightforward to maintain, and quick to learn, promoting autonomy and expedited implementation

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