Allos Reporting

  • Revolutionize Reporting with ALLOS: Unleash Excel Freedom for Your Business”

    ALLOS Reporting has been meticulously crafted to grant business users the unparalleled liberty to create corporate reports right within Excel. Forget about the hassle of data exports—ALLOS seamlessly connects to your centralized data source, enabling you to harness the full spectrum of your Excel expertise.

    With ALLOS, you can:

    • Independently build and maintain reports, reducing reliance on IT.
    • Unlock the true potential of your team’s Excel proficiency and knowledge.
    • Drastically curtail consultant and IT support costs.
    • Ensure the security of your Excel reporting model, eliminating common Excel issues.
    • Effortlessly integrate data from multiple sources.
    • Expedite report processing time by a remarkable 60% to 90%.
    • Completely eliminate waiting times for changes.

    How ALLOS Works:

    Simply open Excel to initiate your ALLOS experience. When you make data changes in your spreadsheet, ALLOS seamlessly retrieves the necessary values from your database and updates your spreadsheet, all without storing data within Excel.

    Key Features of ALLOS:

    • ALLOS connects directly to your data, eliminating the need for data exports.
    • ALLOS employs user-friendly custom formulas that provide total flexibility in data analysis, allowing you to place data precisely where you need it.
    • Beyond formulas, ALLOS offers a suite of functions to enhance your system’s usability.
    • You can harness the full spectrum of Excel functions, including charts, pivots, and formatting.
    • Every Excel report you create with ALLOS remains live, ensuring it’s always up-to-date with the latest database information whenever you access it.
    • ALLOS reports are in spreadsheet format, making them easily shareable with all users, guaranteeing automatic data updates for all who open them
Overview of ALLOS reporting

What can you do

Empower your team to construct custom reports without requiring IT intervention.

Creating a report in ALLOS

Repurpose existing reports created by your business team or choose from existing market models with your preferred layouts.

Leverage versatile formulas for comprehensive data analysis

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