ALLOS forms and data upload


.ALLOS: Simplify Data Management for Accelerated Business Performance

With ALLOS, you can seamlessly upload data into your enterprise systems, such as SAP, using validated Office forms. This innovative solution seamlessly combines the flexibility, simplicity, and user-friendly MS Office tools with the robust consistency of your business systems.

Experience Lightning-Fast Processes

ALLOS turbocharges your company’s operations, accelerating them by 70% to 90%. How? It facilitates mass data uploads and streamlines data input, requiring minimal training and enabling new hires to become productive faster. Moreover, ALLOS significantly cuts costs associated with developing new interfaces and layouts, ultimately reducing the total solution cost.

Effortless Data Input with Validated Forms

ALLOS allows you to effortlessly input data using validated forms directly in offline Excel. These forms feature multiple validations, ensuring your data is accurate before it’s sent to the system. This approach presents all the necessary information in a single Excel format, benefiting both users and informed business decisions.

Simplified Data Upload to Your ERP

ALLOS simplifies bulk data uploads, eliminating the need for manual input across various SAP screens, for example. To upload data to the system, a single button press does the trick, presenting the upload record in a user-friendly and easily understandable format. Updating and maintaining interfaces becomes a breeze, significantly reducing IT involvement in the process.


Forms and Data Upload

Simplify Interface Creation with ALLOS

ALLOS streamlines the creation of interfaces between Office and SAP in just three easy steps. By enabling the recording of SAP screens and generating spreadsheets for large data transfers to SAP, ALLOS empowers business users to effortlessly craft and manage their loading interfaces. This eliminates the need for IT intervention and consultants in building these interfaces, giving you control and efficiency.


Create a simple interface

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