About Us

The Origins of Allos

 Our experience stems from our work as IT consultants. Our clients had made substantial investments in IT, resulting in improved process quality. However, they lacked the flexibility they needed and often resorted to using Excel as a parallel management system to analyze, work with, and present data.

Simultaneously, IT departments were overwhelmed with support and training requests, diverting their attention from truly essential tasks. To address this need for balancing flexibility and data consistency, Allos was born. With Allos, our clients achieve a higher return on their investment in their enterprise applications and can reuse all the spreadsheets they have already built.

We Handle Data Differently

ALLOS is a unique technology that enables seamless, high-performance integration between MS Office and enterprise systems. ALLOS innovatively transforms database information into XML/TXT format while preserving the original data.

This transformation involves indexing, segregating, and optimizing the data, making it exceptionally fast to access.

A Unique Approach to Memory Cache Management

ALLOS also ensures efficient management of your computer’s cache, significantly enhancing data analysis performance. This means you can achieve unparalleled performance when using Excel and Office tools, even with large datasets. Moreover, this innovation allows for ALLOS implementation without the need for hardware investments.


The Result



ALLOS empowers you to work with information in a way that many enterprise systems often do not allow, or if they do, they require substantial involvement from IT teams.



To directly modify layouts and templates, including graphics, dashboards, reports, forms, and more.



In Excel data usage, mitigating the risks associated with productivity applications and maintaining control over data access.



During the application's implementation and maintenance, it necessitates minimal involvement from the IT department.