CJR Group is a multinational conglomerate comprising 70 companies operating across four continents. It manages construction and renewables projects and it is a leader in its field.


CJR faced the challenge of aligning project management and financial planning seamlessly. Their projects were managed using Microsoft Project for scheduling and tracking activities, while SAP handled financials and budget management. The absence of an integrated system led to disjointed workflows, limited financial insights, and potential risks to project success.

  1. Lack of Unified View: CJR struggled to achieve a holistic view of projects, with schedules and financial data residing in separate systems.
  2. Limited Financial Insights: Project managers lacked real-time access to financial data, hindering budget control and financial alignment.
  3. Decision-Making Complexity: CJR found it challenging to make informed decisions balancing time, cost, and quality without a consolidated view.
  4. Resource Allocation and Efficiency: Suboptimal resource allocation and inefficient workflows hindered project performance.


CJR embarked on a transformative project to integrate MS Project planned data with SAP financial data. The goal was to create a unified project management system that offers real-time financial insights alongside project schedules.

Advantages Realized:

  1. Unified Project View: CJR successfully achieved a unified view of projects, enabling stakeholders to see both the project timeline and the financial implications of each activity.
  2. Real-Time Financial Insights: With SAP data integrated, project managers and financial teams gained access to real-time financial data related to the project. This facilitated better budget control and alignment with the project plan.
  3. Enhanced Decision-Making: The integrated system simplified decision-making by providing insights into the financial impact of schedule changes, leading to more informed decisions.
  4. Resource Allocation Optimization: CJR improved resource allocation by ensuring that resources were allocated efficiently to activities that were both strategically important and financially sound.
  5. Risk Management: The integrated view supported better risk management, helping project managers identify potential financial risks and take timely corrective actions.
  6. Financial Reporting: CJR now easily generates financial reports that align with project schedules, enhancing project reviews, stakeholder communications, and financial audits.
  7. Efficient Workflows: The integration streamlined workflows, reducing data entry errors and increasing productivity as teams no longer needed to switch between systems.
  8. Auditing and Compliance: Auditing and compliance efforts were simplified, making it easier to track financial transactions related to project activities.
  9. Improved Forecasting: The integrated approach led to more accurate financial projections, enhancing financial forecasting capabilities.
  10. Cost-Benefit Analysis: CJR now conducts detailed cost-benefit analysis, enabling them to assess the return on investment for each project element and make informed prioritization decisions.


CJR’s integration of MS Project and SAP data has led to more efficient project management, improved financial performance, and enhanced stakeholder satisfaction. With a consolidated view of projects and their financial implications, CJR is better positioned to deliver projects on time and within budget, making them a more competitive and customer-focused organization.

Key Takeaway:

The successful integration of project scheduling and financial data provides CJR with a competitive edge in delivering projects efficiently while maintaining financial transparency and control. This case study serves as an inspiring example of how businesses can enhance their project management capabilities through integrated data solutions.

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