AQUAPOR holds the top position in the private sector in Portugal Water Utilities, specializing in public services encompassing Supply, Sanitation, Waste Collection, and Urban Cleaning. Beyond Portugal, AQUAPOR extends its presence to Angola, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, and China, further establishing its reputation on the global stage.


AQUAPOR faced a challenge related to their daily bank statements. While these statements were consistently exported every day, they remained underutilized until the end of the month when they were used for reconciliation purposes. The organization lacked the means to extract valuable information from these daily bank statements and make decisions based on them.


To address this challenge, AQUAPOR turned to ALLOS, which provided an effective solution for transforming daily bank statements into a valuable resource for decision-making. ALLOS introduced key features that empowered AQUAPOR:

Key Features of ALLOS Solution:

  1. Consolidated Reporting: ALLOS reports enabled the aggregation of banking information from multiple companies, across various bank accounts, at different levels—group, company, and bank or aggregate. This allowed for a comprehensive view of the financial landscape.
  2. Daily Decision-Making: With ALLOS, AQUAPOR could make informed decisions every day, no longer limiting their perspective to monthly reconciliation.
  3. Data Independence: ALLOS granted users full independence to create and customize reports with available banking information. Additionally, users could supplement this information with financial accounting data, all within the same reports.


The implementation of ALLOS brought about significant and beneficial results for AQUAPOR:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: AQUAPOR gained full visibility into the status of all accounts, supported by the integration of financial information. This newfound visibility allowed for daily decision-making based on up-to-date data.
  2. Informed Daily Decisions: ALLOS enabled AQUAPOR to take informed decisions on a daily basis, resulting in increased efficiency and responsiveness to financial matters.

Conclusion AQUAPOR’s adoption of ALLOS revolutionized its approach to daily bank statements. What was once an underutilized resource now serves as a valuable source of data for informed, daily decision-making. ALLOS granted AQUAPOR the ability to access consolidated financial information and create customized reports to meet their specific needs, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and financial responsiveness.

Carlos Gomes
Controlo de Gestão AQUAPOR

“ALLOS provides us with tremendous FLEXIBILITY. It also allows us to create management reports in much less time and makes reports and analyses feasible that, otherwise, wouldn’t be due to the required development time.”

Isabel do Carmo
Chefe de Contabilidade AQUAPOR

“ALLOS is addictive. Whenever a new need arises, we ask if we can use ALLOS for it. With ALLOS, we know it’s going to be much faster.”

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