AQUAPOR, the leading private company in the realm of public services, encompasses Supply, Sanitation, Waste Collection, and Urban Cleaning. Beyond Portugal, AQUAPOR extends its reach to Angola, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, and China.


AQUAPOR’s finance department faced a formidable challenge in dealing with their data and producing essential reports. The process of cross-referencing disparate information, conducting analysis, and generating reports relied heavily on exporting data to Excel. Each time new data was required, a cumbersome process ensued, involving data processing, formula creation, and template and layout adjustments. This limited flexibility and autonomy, presenting challenges for a growing company.


In a strategic move, AQUAPOR chose ALLOS to address the time-consuming process of preparing management control reports by shifting their entire reporting process to ALLOS. The range of reports produced within ALLOS spanned GL accounts, third parties, cash flows, cost centers, internal orders, temporary projects, and personnel.

The initial implementation seamlessly integrated with their daily processes, avoiding any disruptions. Notably, this implementation didn’t necessitate additional hardware or changes to the core business system, SAP in this case.


With the adoption of ALLOS, AQUAPOR achieved remarkable results and substantial benefits:

  1. Seamless Data Integration: ALLOS enabled AQUAPOR to effortlessly integrate SAP data with information from internal and external databases, eliminating dependencies on third-party solutions.
  2. Enhanced Flexibility: The ability to create, adapt, or modify layouts and models as needed empowered the company to produce a diverse range of detailed reports and information.
  3. Time and Efficiency Gains: ALLOS, equipped with predefined formulas designed by AQUAPOR, facilitated cross-referencing data from various sources, maintaining real-time data integrity. This significantly reduced the time required to construct reports and dramatically enhanced the company’s capacity for in-depth analysis of various variables.

Conclusion AQUAPOR’s adoption of ALLOS brought a transformation to their accounting and management reporting processes. The solution offered a seamless integration of data sources, empowering the finance department to create a wide variety of detailed reports with ease. This newfound flexibility and efficiency not only saved time but also bolstered the company’s ability to conduct in-depth analysis and make data-driven decisions.

Carlos Gomes
Controlo de Gestão AQUAPOR

“ALLOS provides us with tremendous FLEXIBILITY. It also allows us to create management reports in much less time and makes reports and analyses feasible that, otherwise, wouldn’t be due to the required development time.”

Isabel do Carmo
Chefe de Contabilidade AQUAPOR

“ALLOS is addictive. Whenever a new need arises, we ask if we can use ALLOS for it. With ALLOS, we know it’s going to be much faster.”

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