With its establishment in 1987, LUSÁGUA has evolved into a nationally recognized leader in the environmental services sector. The company offers a comprehensive array of solutions and services, leveraging its years of experience to provide innovative and customized services tailored to individual customer needs.

O Desafio

LUSÁGUA encountered a multifaceted challenge concerning the allocation of salaries and overhead costs. While these allocations were performed at the contract level, there was a growing need for more granular allocation at the facility level. Addressing this challenge involved reconciling conflicting needs. On one hand, there was a high demand for a flexible allocation algorithm that could only be executed within Excel. On the other hand, there was the practical need to process a substantial volume of daily transactions efficiently.


LUSÁGUA turned to ALLOS to develop a solution that could effectively address these complex allocation needs. The solution harnessed the power of Allos formulas and combined accounting and HR data with information from various sources. This integration enabled the creation of a fully user-controlled algorithm. By merging database-derived data with Excel-controlled information, the user gained complete control over the allocation process, facilitating the handling of extensive internal allocation postings in SAP.

Key Features of ALLOS Solution:

  • Data Integration: ALLOS integrated data from multiple sources, including accounting, HR, and other data sets, ensuring a holistic approach to the allocation process.
  • User-Controlled Algorithm: The solution empowered users to design and apply their own allocation algorithms, providing flexibility while maintaining control.
  • Direct SAP Integration: ALLOS allowed for direct upload into SAP with minimal human intervention, streamlining the allocation process.


The implementation of ALLOS yielded impressive results for LUSÁGUA:

  1. Efficiency: What was once considered an impossible process took approximately 50 minutes, with 40 minutes dedicated to accounting work and 10 minutes for ALLOS to process. ALLOS processed around 20,000 lines within a maximum of 10 minutes.
  2. User Empowerment: ALLOS enabled users to define and apply allocation rules according to the company’s requirements, simplifying the allocation process. Users only needed to click a button to initiate the process.

Conclusion By leveraging ALLOS, LUSÁGUA successfully addressed the intricate challenge of multi-criteria work allocations. The solution facilitated flexible, user-controlled allocation algorithms while efficiently processing a high volume of transactions. This transformation not only streamlined the allocation process but also empowered users to tailor the rules to their specific needs, ultimately enhancing efficiency and control

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