Founded in 1987, LUSÁGUA has become a nationally recognized leader in the environmental services sector. The company offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services, drawing on years of experience to provide innovative services tailored to individual customer needs.


LUSÁGUA faced a complex challenge in managing the entire operation in terms of costs and budgets. This complexity extended from individual contracts to various types of operations at specific sites. To compound matters, crucial information was distributed across two different systems, making it challenging to reconcile and generate meaningful reports. The existing reporting system was overly intricate and cumbersome.


To address these challenges, LUSÁGUA turned to ALLOS for a solution that could streamline the management of contracts and budgets. ALLOS enabled the upload of multiple information into SAP at the click of a button. It also allows for the retrieval of data from several systems to facilitate the reconciliation of different data types. This consolidation of data simplified the process of cross-referencing information and generating relevant reports.

Key Features of ALLOS Solution:

  • Data upload: ALLOS allows the upload of data into SAP from multiple origins at the click of a button, allowing for speedy integration of large amounts of data.
  • Data Integration: ALLOS seamlessly integrated data from multiple systems, ensuring that information was readily available for analysis and reporting.
  • Data Reconciliation: The solution reconciled various data types, making it easier for users to work with and cross-reference information.
  • Reporting: ALLOS provided a user-friendly platform for creating relevant reports, simplifying the reporting process.


The implementation of ALLOS brought several significant advantages to LUSÁGUA:

  1. Efficient Data Handling: ALLOS enabled the recording and management of a large volume of information that would have been challenging to manage using traditional spreadsheet-based methods.
  2. Streamlined Reporting: The user-friendly interface of ALLOS made it easier for staff to generate meaningful reports, improving overall operational efficiency.
  3. Data Integration: The solution’s ability to integrate data from multiple systems provided a holistic view of contracts and budgets, enhancing decision-making.

Conclusion By embracing ALLOS, LUSÁGUA achieved a significant transformation in the management of contracts and budgets. The solution simplified the complex data landscape by integrating information from multiple systems and providing an efficient platform for reporting. This allowed the company to work with extensive data effectively and make data-driven decisions, ultimately improving operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

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