AQUAPOR, the market leader in private public services encompassing Supply, Sanitation, Waste Collection, and Urban Cleaning, extends its reach beyond Portugal, operating in Angola, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, and China.


AQUAPOR faced a substantial challenge related to controlling personnel costs, primarily stemming from the extensive use of the company fleet and mobile phones by employees. Maintaining accounting control below the Cost Centre level was exceedingly complex and challenging, both in terms of uploading data into the relevant systems and reporting on that data.


To tackle this challenge effectively, AQUAPOR embraced ALLOS to implement a sophisticated cost per employee system. This system offered several key features to streamline personnel cost control:

Key Features of ALLOS Solution:

  1. Automated Reporting: ALLOS facilitated the automatic generation of monthly reports that were automatically sent to the respective recipients. This ensured a consistent and timely reporting process.
  2. Data Integration: ALLOS seamlessly integrated data from various sources, including external data from telecom providers, toll information, and fuel data. Additionally, it incorporated internal data from the Human Resources and Finance departments,. All this uploading it to SAP at detailed level with business defined rules.
  3. Expense Association: ALLOS automatically associated communication expenses, data usage, vehicle fuel consumption, mileage, refueling locations, insurance, parking costs, tolls, repairs, rentals, and other details for each individual employee.
  4. Individual and Summary Reports: The solution generated individual reports for each employee and their supervisor. Additionally, it created a summary report by area, which could be shared with each department head.


The implementation of ALLOS yielded substantial results and benefits for AQUAPOR:

  1. Enhanced Control: The detailed information on each individual employee provided better control over responsibilities and costs within the organization.
  2. Informed Decision-Making: Senior management gained access to detailed information they previously did not have, enabling them to make more informed decisions.


AQUAPOR’s adoption of ALLOS revolutionized personnel cost control within the organization. The automated system streamlined reporting, integrated data from multiple sources, and empowered employees, supervisors, and department heads with detailed information. This transformation not only enhanced cost control but also provided a foundation for better-informed decision-making at the senior management level.

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