AQUAPOR, a prominent private enterprise in the public services sector encompassing Supply, Sanitation, Waste Collection, and Urban Cleaning, operates not only in Portugal but also extends its services to Angola, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, and China.


AQUAPOR encountered a significant challenge related to end-of-period routines, which traditionally consumed a week to complete. Even with one employee dedicated to each company, the available routines were rudimentary, demanding a significant allocation of time and human resources. Moreover, end-of-period reports were extracted from SAP but required export to Excel for layout adjustments and structuring of the information.


In a transformative move, AQUAPOR established a dynamic workbook in Excel where they could efficiently update values, dates, changes, and estimates considered pertinent for end-of-period posting. They cross-referenced this data with other relevant information in the system. Once the necessary updates were in place, a simple press of a button was all that was required to trigger ALLOS into action.

Key Elements of the ALLOS Solution:

  • Customized Reporting: AQUAPOR tailored a template for various month-end closing reports to align with the specific needs and preferences of different departments. Users had control over the report formats.
  • Automated Reporting for Multiple Companies: ALLOS facilitated the automatic generation of reports for all 14 companies by updating the templates, streamlining the reporting process significantly.


The implementation of ALLOS yielded remarkable results and benefits for AQUAPOR:

  1. Significant Time Savings: The week-long end-of-period routines were dramatically condensed, offering more time for other critical tasks.
  2. Enhanced Customization: Users could adapt report templates to match department-specific needs and preferences, increasing flexibility.
  3. Efficiency Across Multiple Companies: ALLOS streamlined report generation for all 14 companies, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Conclusion AQUAPOR’s adoption of ALLOS revolutionized their end-of-period routines and reporting processes. By harnessing the power of Excel templates and ALLOS automation, they drastically reduced the time needed for these routines, enabling more efficient and flexible reporting. The result was not only enhanced productivity but also consistent, accurate, and customizable reporting across their expansive operations.

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