Allocations of work with multiple criteria




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The Challenge

While salaries and general costs were alocated to the contract level, there was the need of alocation to the lower level of every instalation. There were conflicting needs: a High level of flexibility on the algorithm of allocation, wich could only be one in Excel, and the need of performing high quantity of transactions.

LUSAGUA is a leading water and waste water services provider to Utilities companies across whole Portugal.

The Solution

Through Allos formulas, all accounting and HR data is used along data from other origins to build an algorithm completelly controlled by the user. By joining the data that comes directly from the database with the data controlled in Excel, the user fully controls the process and easily applies the algorithm, resulting in a large amount of internal alocation posting to be done in SAP.

Finally, the upload is made directly to SAP with the minimum need for human intervention.

The Results

This process was considered impossible to do, and with ALLOS, it takes about 50 minutes (40 minutes of accounting work and 10 minutes for Allos to process).

ALLOS takes a maximum of 10 minutes to process about 20,000 lines. ALLOS processes the information according to rules defined by the business, the user only needs to press a button.

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