The Navarra Group is a prominent international player in the aluminium anodizing industry, with a workforce of 700 employees and an impressive annual turnover of nearly €200 million, with half of its revenue originating from exports. The company operates from a vast 35,000 square meter production facility.


Navarra Group identified the need for a more effective approach to manage various business areas, including sales, purchasing, maintenance, and production. To address this, they invested in management consulting and constructed Excel models for data analysis. However, they encountered issues with data acquisition and validation. Manually collecting data from multiple sources resulted in complex pivot tables and formulas, hindering their processes. The primary challenge was the significant time required for these tasks. They urgently needed a solution for generating faster reports with consistent data validation.

Solution and Results

The Navarra Group implemented ALLOS, a data management solution that streamlined their management control processes. ALLOS pulls data from the company’s ERP system, Libra, and interfaces with other business systems. It also retrieves data from spreadsheets used for managing information not supported by the ERP. ALLOS accommodates user-maintained classifications, allowing for data correction and enrichment, leading to improved report accuracy.

ALLOS processes over 50 data structures from various areas within the company, including sales, purchasing, production, inventory, finance, maintenance, budgeting, drawings, complaints, and non-conformities, with origin in ERPs and also users to be. The system transforms and correlates this data, performing complex calculations.

Users can open Excel, press “calculate,” and the data is instantly updated with the latest information from various sources. For detailed information, users can click “Detail” on the ALLOS menu to access necessary data. This implementation revolutionized Navarra Group’s management control, providing real-time, accurate, and easily accessible data for better decision-making.

Paula Serra
Controller - DiviMontagem

“O Allos é como uma mão extra que nos ajuda a poupar muito tempo. O que era frequentemente feito fora do horário normal de trabalho, agora com o Allos, fica rapidamente feito. Poupamos muito tempo”.

Wayfield – Grupo NUVI