Founded in 1986, Telcabo is a prominent Portuguese company with a rich history deeply entwined with the evolution of the telecommunications sector, both in Portugal and internationally. Telcabo has played a pioneering role in various countries and projects within the telecommunications industry.


Despite strong capabilities in cross company reporting, Telcabo faced challenges obtaining a monthly consolidated management results report and specific accounting data related to different geographic locations. These challenges arose due to the use of disparate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems across the organization. Telcabo turned to Allos in search of a solution.


Allos provided a solution by consolidating Telcabo’s accounting data into a single, standardized database. This transformation allowed the company to effortlessly generate crucial financial reports, including the Profit and Loss (P&L) statement and consolidated management reports. Data from various sources, including Sage, Coins System, and other location-specific systems, is harmoniously unified and aggregated in Allos.

The implementation of Allos led to time savings of up to 60% in report generation. Its flexibility and user-friendliness empower Telcabo’s team to create tailored reports efficiently. Allos unified data from all subsidiary companies, streamlining the process and ensuring rapid accessibility to crucial data.

In conclusion, Allos played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Telcabo’s ERP integration, enhancing data consolidation, and significantly improving the efficiency of financial reporting, ultimately bolstering the company’s financial management capabilities.

Paula Serra
Controller - DiviMontagem

“O Allos é como uma mão extra que nos ajuda a poupar muito tempo. O que era frequentemente feito fora do horário normal de trabalho, agora com o Allos, fica rapidamente feito. Poupamos muito tempo”.

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