Use your Excel as you do now, but powered by Allos, to build new reports or adapt your existing ones, and they will become live reports everyone can use.

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Increase data consistency, removing the risks of using Excel, such as heavy spreadsheets, complex formulas and not up to date data.

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Reduce costs and time

Save time creating, maintaining and executing reports, while reducing or eliminating the dependency on consultants and IT. Reduce, not only costs, but also head aches.

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We turn Excel into a Super Browser

ALLOS has formulas and lists that fetch data from multiple locations in and out of you company (not from other location in Excel). All your Excel reports become live reports, always with the most updated data available.

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Get the most from your past efforts

You have done your reports in Excel, you have created your models, you have invested in Excel knowledge and capability. Why not get the maximum from that investment applying ALLOS to your reports. With ALLOS, Excel is on steroids.

Get your reports toghether, and let us help you to make your fixed Excel models become real live reports

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