About Us

The origins of Allos

Our experience comes from working as IT consultants. Our clients had made heavy investments in IT but, even though they got a high return on process quality, they didn't have the flexibility they needed and always ended up using Excel, as a parallel management system, to analyse, work and present data.

At the same time, IT departments were flooded with requests for support and training, which took away their ability to focus on the really important tasks. To address this need for flexibility and consistency of information, emerged ALLOS. With ALLOS, our customers get a higher return on their investment in their business applications, and reuse all the spreadsheets they have already built.

We organise data differently

O ALLOS is a unique technology that enables high performance integration between MS Office and business systems. ALLOS transforms (while keeping the original in the source) the information from databases, into XML/TXT format in a completely innovative way.

The transformation involves indexing and optimising data, making it extremely fast to access.


We work with your computer's cache memory differently

O ALLOS also guarantees an optimised management of the computer cache, thus contributing to a much higher performance in data analysis.

This makes it possible to achieve unrivalled performance in the use of Excel and Office tools, even with a large amount of data. In addition, this innovation allows the implementation of ALLOS without the need to invest in hardware.


Final Result


Total flexibility

To work with information in a way that business systems often don't allow, or, if they do, require heavy involvement from IT teams.


Total autonomy

To change layouts and templates (graphics, dashboards, reports, forms, etc.)


Total safety

In the use of data in Excel, eliminating the risks of using productivity applications, while controlling access to the data.


Total ease

In the implementation and maintenance of the application, requiring minimal involvement from the IT departments.

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