Allos Reporting

ALLOS reporting has been created to provide business users with the freedom to create corporate reports from Excel. To use everything you know from Excel, you don't need to export the data, as ALLOS directly accesses your data centrally.

 With ALLOS you can:

  • Build and maintain reports independently of IT
  • Getting maximum value from business people skills and knowledge
  • Dramatically reduce consultant and IT support costs
  • Have security in your Excel reporting model, avoiding all the problems in Excel
  • Easily integrate data from multiple sources
  • Reduce report processing time from 60% to 90%
  • Reduce waiting time for changes in 100%

How it works:

Simply open Excel to start using ALLOS. When changing data in the spreadsheet, the correct values are taken from the database and are updated in the spreadsheet, without the data being stored in excel.

  • ALLOS connects directly to the data and does not need to export it
  • It uses easy-to-use custom formulas that retrieve information from the database, so you can enter data where you want it.
  • In addition to formulas, it has a set of functions that improve the way you can use the system
  • Use all Excel functions such as charts, pivots, formats.
  • When you build a report in Excel it becomes a live report that, every time you open it, will have the most up-to-date data from your database.
  • The ALLOS report is a spreadsheet and can therefore be shared with any user. When the user opens the report, the data will be automatically updated.


Overview of ALLOS reporting

Allos allows:

You can build your custom reports without the need for IT intervention

Creating a report in ALLOS

Reuse the reports already developed by Business, as the reports are usually already created in Excel. You can also models that exist on the market with the layouts you want.

Use formulas that allow you total flexibility in data analysis

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