ALLOS forms and data upload


ALLOS allows you to upload data to your business systems, such as SAP, via validated Office forms. Ultimately, it brings together the flexibility, simplicity and easy adoption of MS Office tools with the consistency of your business systems.

This optimisation makes it possible to speed up company processes (from 70% to 90%) by mass-loading data and simplifying data entry into the system. In addition, it requires less training and makes it quicker to make new employees productive.

Also in the configuration ALLOS considerably reduces the costs of introducing new interfaces and layouts. Besides being simple, the solution is essentially maintained by the business, thus reducing the total cost of the solution.

Filling in the data in validated forms

Allos allows you to populate data with validated forms directly into Excel offline. These forms have multiple validations that make your data immediately before it is sent to the system. This way, you can present all the information you need for user and business decisions in a single form in Excel.


Send data to your ERP the easy way

ALLOS allows bulk uploads of large amounts of validated data, thus avoiding manual input on multiple SAP screens, for example. To upload data to the system, simply press a button and the upload record is displayed in a simple and readable way. Updating and maintaining the interface is also very simple and dramatically reduces IT involvement in the process.


Forms and Data Upload

Creating interfaces in a simple way

ALLOS creates an interface between Office and SAP in just 3 simple steps.

ALLOS allows you to record screens in SAP and create a spreadsheet from which you can send large amounts of data to SAP.

In this way, business users can easily create and manage their own upload interfaces to SAP, eliminating the need for information systems intervention as well as consultants to build those interfaces.

Create a simple interface

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