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Vicaima - Industria de Madeira e Derivados, S.A. is one of the largest European manufacturers of interior doors. It is the national market leader and, besides Portugal, it also has direct presence in Spain, Morocco and United Kingdom. Vicaima exports about 92% of its production worldwide and is committed to the quality of raw materials and innovative design of its products on a daily basis.

The Challenge

Vicaima, being in an extremely competitive market and where efficiency is a fundamental requirement, has a daily need to provide information to its decision makers so that decisions can be taken quickly and correctly.

Vicaima used SAP BW to pull information from SAP in order to make daily reports of sales, orders and production. This daily process took about 60 minutes. To do this, VICAIMA created reports which were exported to Excel. Then, using Excel formulas and Pivots, VICAIMA built reports in Excel. Whenever changes were required, IT intervention had to be requested and changes took 1 or 2 days to be made (already quite efficient by industry standards).

The Solution

Vicaima chose ALLOS to overcome the need to reduce the time it takes to prepare daily reports by creating its sales, orders and production reports without the need to export data. The user just opens Excel and does the calculations. The initial implementation was done without any interruption in the daily processes, not only because it was not necessary to stop the production system, but also because it was not necessary to purchase additional hardware, nor to introduce changes in the business system, SAP in this case.

In addition, the ALLOS team only set up the data structure and Vicaima built all the reports with their team, initially applying ALLOS to the existing spreadsheets and later bringing more information, from the easily accessible Allos, into the model.

The Results

The reports are created in just 20 minutes, and the main reason why they are not immediate is because an additional validation was introduced in the process. Since ALLOS has the custom formulas in Excel itself and fetches the data directly from SAP whenever there is a change (new market, new product), this change is automatically introduced in Excel without the need to reformulate the queries.

Thus, there is no need to request changes from IT, because everything that is necessary to change the layout or structure of the information can be done directly by the user, in Excel.

Samuel Conceição
Head of Management Information VICAIMA

For Vicaima, ALLOS is synonym of Flexibility, total flexibility". | Any changes to the existing templates took 1 or 2 days to be made, only after that it was possible to make the reports again with all the necessary data. These changes could occur at any time, and delayed the realization of daily reports.

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