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In order to respect the internal policies of the UN, we do not name this particular organisation in a public document. However, we may address this project in more detail upon request.

The Challenge

When any file, from a central UN department, was received (with travel information and costs), complex decisions had to be made, on each line of the SAP record: which PO and PO item to use? Which WBS was it related to? Were sufficient funds available? Was it an invoice or a G/L posting? All this analysis was done manually, checking information both in SAP and Excel. Individual postings were aggregated to reduce work, leading to loss of expense information and difficulties in year-end reconciliations.

The Solution

By using G/L Postings and Invoice Manager it is possible to determine many of the necessary variables automatically, through algorithms. It also provides the necessary information for accounting to solve any problems that the algorithm cannot resolve. The data is then automatically sent to SAP in a consistent format, simplifying subsequent reporting.

Summary of GL and invoice manager functionality, developed by Allos: Retrieves information from purchase orders and history, plus information from GL account balances; Calculates previous balances and entries, Makes calculations based on history, Defines the correct process to follow depending on the Spreadsheet data, checks purchase orders and GL account data; Checks duplicate entries in SAP; Posts parked MM invoices; Posts GL documents; Posts service entry sheets.

The Results

For the process manager, the change "has led to a significant improvement in efficiency and control in what was previously an area of weakness" and "has brought advantages that were previously not expected. Reconciliation is now possible, closing the year is simpler and the data needed for the operational areas is clearly available.

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