DIVIMONTAGEM - Time Sheet Management

DiviMontagem is a construction company, unbeatable in the execution of high quality work, with timely compliance with deadlines, and strict compliance with the approved budget.

The Challenge

Payroll processing was quite time-consuming. Sometimes it would drag on until after working hours, and even on weekends.

DiviMontagem has complex rules for handling per diems, overtime, and other items, as well as many reports and forms that result from this information. And all the necessary processing has to be done correctly and on time.

The Solution

Allos generates the fill-in forms. Simply fill in the attendance data and record it. Allos then calculates the overtime, per diems, absences and allowances to be paid. Then, all you need to do is export the reports and forms.


And, in an automated way, Divimontagem gets: (1) Legal overtime forms, overtime reports; (2) Absence, mileage, per diem, salary and overtime forms and reports; (3) Summary of working time per employee.

Paula Serra
Controller - DiviMontage

"Allos is like an extra hand that helps us save a lot of time. What was often done outside normal working hours, now with Allos, gets done quickly. We save a lot of time."

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