APDL - Port of Leixoes: Supplier information - More information with less processing time

The Port of Leixões is the second largest artificial port in Portugal, representing 25% of Portuguese international trade, moving about 14 million tons of goods per year and about 3,000 ships passing through it annually.

The Challenge

The challenge proposed to Allos was to develop a solution that would significantly reduce the time spent entering and processing supplier invoices and fuel data. It also needed to reduce input errors to residual levels, ensuring consistency and accuracy of data.

The Solution

APDL has started using ALLOS to optimise the upload of communications and fuel invoices, and the whole process is managed by business users.

The users retrieve the information from the suppliers' websites and after ALLOS validates the data placed in the spreadsheet, the user, with a single click, sends all the information to SAP, from his own user, maintaining all the security of the system.

The Results

A significant reduction in processing time (60%) and greater detail in the information present in the system has been achieved, making it possible to work with information that was previously impossible to obtain, such as the detailed allocation of costs to each individual. The interface is entirely controlled by business users, without IT intervention, who can easily manage and correct any errors.

Nuno Ribeiro
Port of Leixões

O ALLOS is important when you want to pass a work of some complexity (as is the case of a reception of multiline services, but other examples could be given) to an administrative resource." | "O ALLOSTaking advantage of the productivity potential of Excel, far superior to that of SAP, it allows you to easily convert a table or text to SAP formats without the need for the user to know SAP forms..

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