Aquapor - RPA for personnel cost control

AQUAPOR is the private market leader in public services of Supply, Sanitation, Waste Collection and Urban Cleaning. Besides Portugal, AQUAPOR is present in Angola, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia and China.

The Challenge

The vast majority of expenditure was related to the use of the company fleet and mobile phones by employees, and it was extremely difficult to maintain accounting control below the Cost Centre level.

The Solution

AQUAPOR chose ALLOS to implement a cost per employee system where reports are automatically generated monthly and sent automatically to each recipient.

ALLOS automatically receives external data from telecom, toll and fuel providers as well as internal data from Human Resources and Finance Department. Automatically, ALLOS associates communication expenses, data usage, vehicle fuel consumption, mileage, refuelling locations, insurance, parking or parking meters, tolls, repairs, rent and other details for each individual employee.

ALLOS generates individual reports that are sent by e-mail to each employee and his or her supervisor. It also generates a summary report by area, which can be sent to each head of department.

The Results

The information on each individual employee has allowed better control of responsibilities and costs in the organisation. Senior Management can now act in concert, as they have detailed information that they did not have before.

Aquapor - Business management interfaces

Aquapor - Bank statements

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