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AQUAPOR is the leading private company in the market for public services in Supply, Sanitation and Waste Collection and Urban Cleaning. Besides Portugal, AQUAPOR / LUSAGUA is present in Angola, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia and China.

The Challenge

Whenever it was necessary to cross-reference scattered information, do analysis and produce reports, the finance department needed to export data to Excel. Whenever new data was required, a difficult process followed in which the data had to be processed, formulas built and templates and layouts adapted. All this meant there was little flexibility and limited autonomy, difficult for a growing company.

The Solution

AQUAPOR chose ALLOS to overcome the time spent preparing management control reports by creating all their reports in ALLOS. These reports include all those related to GL accounts, third parties, cash flows, cost centre, internal orders, temporary projects and personnel.

The initial implementation was carried out without interruption in daily processes, not only because it was not necessary to stop the production system, but also because it was not necessary to purchase additional hardware, nor to make changes to the business system, SAP in this case.

The Results

From the moment AQUAPOR started using ALLOS, it was possible to cross SAP data with data from other internal and external databases, without depending on third parties. The ability to create layouts and models whenever deemed necessary, adapting or modifying them according to the company's needs, allowed much more varied and detailed reports and information.

ALLOS cross-references data from various sources, through formulas predefined by the company, and always maintains the most up-to-date information in the system. This has dramatically reduced the time taken to build reports and exponentially increases the ability to analyse in detail the various variables of the company.

Carlos Gomes
AQUAPOR Management Control

O ALLOS allows us enormous FLEXIBILITY. It also allows us to do management reporting in much less time and makes reports and analysis feasible that would otherwise not be feasible due to the development time required.

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Isabel do Carmo
Chief Accountant AQUAPOR

O ALLOS is addictive. Whenever a new need arises, we ask whether it is possible to use the ALLOS for this. With the ALLOSwe know it will be much quicker.

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