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AQUAPOR is the leading private company in the public services of Supply, Sanitation and Waste Collection and Urban Cleaning. Apart from Portugal, AQUAPOR is present in Angola, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia and China.

The Challenge

Some invoices (fuel, tolls, telecommunications, insurance, among others) were not accounted with the necessary detail, making it extremely difficult to make the correct allocation to each employee. The procedure used to be to "lump everything together" because there was no possibility to allocate the costs of each invoice item to each employee or project related to it.

The Solution

With ALLOS it was possible to import the data sent by various suppliers (in different formats such as Excel or CSV) and all routines were automated.

The various data (fleet and fuel, insurance, tolls, mobile communications or others) are received in a file. Accounting, through ALLOS in Excel, imports the files. ALLOS processes the data, cross-references it with internal data (for example, the employee to whom the car or telephone is assigned) and sends it to SAP without the need for manual input. All of this, controlled directly by those responsible for the process.

The Results

With ALLOS the processing time has been drastically reduced from 4 days to 1 day, even with more data and more detailed information. There is complete independence of IT in controlling interface parameters and integration with SAP.

Carlos Gomes
AQUAPOR Management Control

O ALLOS allows us enormous FLEXIBILITY. It also allows us to do management reporting in much less time and makes reports and analysis feasible that would otherwise not be feasible due to the development time required.

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Isabel do Carmo
Chief Accountant AQUAPOR

O ALLOS is addictive. Whenever a new need arises, we ask whether it is possible to use the ALLOS for this. With the ALLOSwe know it will be much quicker.

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Aquapor - Accounting and management reports

Aquapor - RPA for personnel cost control

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