ALLOS Solutions

Freedom to analyse data

Total freedom to build your reports in Excel

For those who need to create reports efficiently

For those who need independence from information systems

For those who want to use Office as the front end of their systems

For those who use Excel to have the freedom to create their own analyses

Who do not need autonomy and flexibility

Who Excel data security does not concern

Who never needs to analyse data in Excel freely

Exports the data to excel for free analysis

IT department takes too long to provide data

It is difficult to integrate data from various sources

Takes too long to perform tasks in ERP

Make Excel access your data without the need to export data

Allow your Excel reports to become corporate reports

Allows you to export data to your ERP

Uses new technology to make everything quick and easy

With ALLOS you will become a creator of corporate reports, which can be seen by anyone in the company and are always up to date. 

You can use all your Excel skills to build reports, all without depending on IT. Therefore, you will be able to analyse the data and build complex reports, with appropriate visualisations, desired graphics and correct formats without any help.

You'll have the ability to analyse data in detail, from multiple sources, with multiple variants and multiple simulations. You'll be able to quickly build the reporting models for your business.

You will free yourself from the time you now spend on low value-added activities such as reporting formats and minor changes.

That way, you'll be able to spend more time proactively looking to improve the company's data model, which is your goal, rather than just being a mere report builder.

With what you save with ALLOS, you will free up funds for the necessary investments in various areas that are so critical in this changing world.

You will stop wasting time and resources on low value-added activities such as support and minor changes to reports, leaving that burden to business users.

Moreover, you will finally manage to reduce the high risks that Excel represents for the security and veracity of the data by your company.

The company will be able to react quickly to new data analysis needs without the need for high costs or dependence on third parties, because it will have the independence to do so.

Your staff will be able to run the reports you need and you will have less recourse to expensive and often poor quality IT resources. 

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The ALLOS Concept

What ALLOS is and what it offers its customers.

How ALLOS technology works

How is our technology different.

Cost Reductor

How ALLOS contributes to process optimisation and cost reduction.

Flexibility: put the data where you want it, formatted how you want it, with the calculations you want, using Excel to build dynamic reports.

Independence: Become independent from IT teams and consultants. In a market always looking for self-service, Allos takes the concept of independence and ease of use to another level.

SecurityAvoid inconsistent and outdated data. Eliminate the risks associated with using Excel and control who accesses the data.


Reducing time with Allos

Closing Processes
End of the Month Reports
Management Reports
Daily Management Reports
Waiting time for changes from IT
Reports & Forms

Full integration with your systems


Build your reports with all the flexibility of Excel and the consistency of your business systems.


Create validated data and work it into Excel using forms, and use that data in your reports, update data in your ERP and integrate with email, PDF or Word.


Allos allows you to keep all the flexibility of Excel, because it innovatively combines everything we love about Excel, with the consistency of system data, current and validated. We are different from any other system because we have unrivalled performance and the freedom to create company-specific formulas/indicators that allow you to put the data you want, from wherever you want, in the location you want, formatted as you want, with the calculations you want, like no other.


With Allos, users effectively become independent of IT teams and ERP and BI software vendors for day-to-day changes to their reporting and information analysis methods. ALLOS exists to provide business users with the freedom to perform reporting and analysis without being dependent on information systems. In a market in search of self-service, ALLOS takes flexibility to another level while maintaining all the data consistency of the original systems.


With Allos, the information is not in Excel, it is only worked on in Excel. There is no need to export and data security and consistency is maintained as in any ERP. ALLOS exponentially increases the capacity to use the data already organised in your Business Intelligence System, making the data available in Excel and Word, so that it can be easily used by everyone.


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